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Breaking Barriers: EF Academy Pasadena Changes Dorm Policies Because of Student Advocacy

EF students put their hands in, April 2023. Photograph by Campbell Brewer.

In an exciting development, EF Academy Pasadena has recently made significant changes to its school policies, specifically regarding visitation hours in the dorms. Previously, students of different genders were not allowed to visit each other’s rooms. However, following a collaborative effort between the administration and the student body, new policies have been implemented on Monday, November 6th.

Under the revised rules, students can now visit each other’s rooms during certain hours from 3:00 pm until 9:30 pm on weekdays. To ensure accountability and safety, a special form needs to be signed at the entrance of the dorm, and students are required to check in with the House Parent.

The decision to modify these policies was driven by the passionate voices of the students themselves. Through emails, conversations with the administration, and various advocacy efforts, students expressed their concerns and advocated for a more relaxed approach to dorm visitations. In a recent survey conducted by the Sexual Health & Relationships class, it was found that more than 89% of students were unsatisfied with the previous rules and eagerly anticipated new changes.

Khristian Mikhnov, a senior student from the Sexual Health & Relationships class, who was working on a New Dorm Policy proposal, expressed optimism about finding a compromise between the students and the administration and trying to make students feel heard. “I know there is a common ground between the students and administration, and I just want to help find it,” he stated.

Monday weekly community meeting for all students and teachers. November 13th 2023. Photograph by Daria Kalinichenko.

Furthermore, the collaboration extended beyond student advocacy. House Mentors from both Cedar and Boxelder, the girls’ and boys’ dorms respectively, worked closely with the school administration to implement and fine-tune the new policies. “We were working closely with Dean Julia, Head of Residential Life, to finalize a proposal that was created by the Sexual Health & Relationships class and then we sent it to Dr. M., the head of our school,” a Cedar dorm mentor, Alina Voronina tells us.
The administration itself played a crucial role in driving these changes, working closely with the students to strike a balance between safety measures and student preferences. The new policies were announced this Monday, November 6th, signaling a milestone in the ongoing commitment to enhance the residential experience at EF Academy Pasadena. “I hope these changes will create a more inclusive and supportive living environment on campus” emphasizes Dean Sean, associate dean of students.

Students going back to theirs dorms after the classes are over. November 10th 2023.  Photograph by Daria Kalinichenko.

With these new policies in place, EF Academy Pasadena continues to foster an environment that prioritizes the well-being and social interactions of its students. The collaborative efforts between the administration and the student body serve as an inspiring example of how effective communication and a shared vision can lead to positive change within a school community.

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