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Experience Nature’s Wonders: A Detailed Exploration of Outdoor Boys YouTube Channel

Luke’s latest videos in Youtube. From camping in remote areas, to hunting and fishing in Florida.

Outdoor Boys is a YouTube channel you can visit now and then to acquire some knowledge at the same time you entertain yourself. As the video goes along, the creator, Luke Nichols, gives survival tips and tells about some of his craziest life experiences as a native of Alaska. The channel has about 450 total videos, all of them taking place on the outside. Some activities he performs include going fishing with his sons, camping, outdoor cooking, and metal detecting. All of these aspects in my opinion are generally interesting as they depict another type of lifestyle, one less influenced by society and more unique in every scope.

Luke Nichols’s unique lifestyle we see unconventional tasks that most people will unlikely be able to accomplish. However, through his videos, we have the chance to feel and live this unique experience by his side. Within the previous tasks I mentioned, we find some challenges such as camping alone in the freezing mountains, fishing huge monsters out of dangerous waters, or just hiking in search of fossils and wild creatures. Sometimes Luke takes his three sons on these excursions, which makes the videos much more dynamic for spectators.

One of the best videos Luke has in the channel. Shows a full time period of two intense weeks hunting and fishing. (Courtesy  of Outdoor Boys)

Within all of the content uploaded to this channel, you will not find two similar videos. Since these videos take place in nature there are always variations. Most of the audio is Luke narrating his personal experience, and we can hear very little background music or sound effects throughout the video. This aspect relates to Luke trying to keep his videos as natural and realistic as possible, wanting the audience to dive into this experience with him. Finally, to accomplish this last goal, his videos are slightly edited, he even has several multi-hour-long videos with no cuts between them.

In conclusion, my experience watching Outdoor Boys was positive overall. There are plenty of media creators on the platform of Youtube, however, all of them post edited videos, with typical and common content, looking to get views. Meanwhile, Luke is an incredible character who has been raised apart from technology and lived outside of society for a while. Not only is his life unique, but also he is also a unique individual. For sure I would recommend this channel to those people who like adventure, for the ones who love nature and try to escape from the big cities and society. The content will also appeal if you are the type of person who finds pleasure in physically challenging activities. You can learn numerous tips and insights from it.

If by any chance you are interested in taking a look at this YouTube channel, I suggest starting with Luke’s solo trips, meaning no family or friends are involved. These videos tend to be much more informative and descriptive, he likes to speak to the audience as a coping mechanism for his solitude.

Outdoor Boys’s Official Youtube

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