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Model United Nations Club: Recruits New Students for the Spring Semester

Members of the MUN club on a 4-day trip to a conference in New York from November 16 to 18, 2023.

Attention, EF Academy Pasadena students! The Model United Nations (MUN) Club is actively recruiting new members for the Spring semester. This opportunity is open to everyone, especially those interested in diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. “If you’re looking to improve your debate, public speaking, or research skills, or if you’re passionate about global issues, human rights, or making the world a better place, this is the club for you!” explains Sophia, a senior and President of the club. “Now we are targeting mostly underclassmen since we’re looking for the people who will be the next leaders of the club.”

The MUN Club allows students to simulate the roles of diplomats from various countries and debate pressing global issues. “MUN is not just a club for me; it’s my responsibility and commitment to EF Academy. I’ve grown a lot as a leader, researcher, and mentor in one year,” highlights Alina, a senior and Vice President of the club. The club is led by a dedicated leadership group and group sponsor, Mr. Wasik, a young history teacher. Club meetings are held every Thursday and Tuesday from 3:45 to 4:45.

The MUN club at EF Academy Pasadena has an impressive track record. For the last 2 years, MUN members have represented EF at various conferences, including the University of California, UC Irvine (UCIMUN), Mira Costa High School (LAIMUN), and even organized a trip this winter to EF Academy New York (EFAMUN).

Second day of the EF New York Model United Nations (EFMUN) conference, North Atlantic Treaty Organization Committee (NATO). 18th of November. (Brian Wasik, MUN club sponsor)

“The biggest highlight of this year was our four-day trip to New York, where we participated in and won two awards at the EF New York MUN conference,” shares Sophia. “We’re also excited about our upcoming conference at the University of Southern California (SCMUN). I can also see the possibility of EF Academy Pasadena hosting our own conference in the future!”

Joining the Model United Nations Club is not only a meaningful activity but also one that can significantly boost your college application. Participating in MUN demonstrates your interest in global affairs and your ability to think critically and articulate your thoughts. “Being part of MUN has been one of my best experiences so far at EF,” explains Ese, a senior member of the club. “It really developed my public speaking and taught me how to think on my feet when put on the spot.” Colleges often look for students who show initiative and the ability to engage with challenging topics, qualities that MUN participants often possess. Moreover, MUN Club members often find themselves better prepared for the rigors of college-level discussions and debates.

So, if you’re looking to enrich your high school experience and build skills that will serve you well in the future, take the first step in your MUN journey and schedule a meeting with your UAC or advisor before Friday, February 9th. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a future leader and global changemaker!

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