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Physical Education Should Be Mandatory

EF girls soccer club. April 20th 2024.

Physical education should be mandatory for all four years of high school because it is extremely important for teenagers. For example, a study from Mayo Clinic found that the levels of chemicals in the brain like stress, hormones, and serotonin, change for the better when someone exercises. Exercising regularly improves sleep, and sleep helps manage negative moods. Physical activity also can improve coping ability and self-esteem.

Many people may argue that having physical education during all four years of high school is a waste of time because it takes away from time that could be spent studying other important classes, but that is incorrect. Doing any sort of physical activity has benefits for any other class the student is taking. Because it reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression and clears the mind, so students will be able to focus better. Physical education benefits students by increasing their level of physical activity, and it is proven to improve students’ grades and test scores.

Scientists also say that regular physical activity can help children and adolescents improve cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, control weight, and reduce the risk of developing health conditions, like heart disease and other fatal diseases. I argue that physical education should be taken all four years because along with all the other reasons, PE also improves mood, and gives more basic joy in life. School is already hard enough as it is and many students get overwhelmed, but by taking part in fitness and moving their bodies, they will release the stress that is built up in them.

Taking physical education also opens up possibilities for colleges and universities, many students end up getting accepted into good schools simply because they are achieving at the sport they do. Physical education can provide students with the potential and confidence to be physically active for a lifetime and make something out of their talent.

If students were to take physical education throughout high school they would feel better in every aspect because practicing physical activities is not only good for school, it is also (and most importantly) crucial for every single individual, no matter the age.

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Hannah Lunkewitz is an eighteen-year-old senior, originally from Frankfurt, Germany. She has lived in Los Angeles for 8 years and has a passion for writing and journalism. She loves outdoor activities and enjoys talking to people about their lives.

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