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The Case Against Homework

Pedro Hanada
Stressed student. May 12th 2024.

Today, people argue about homework in schools. Some say it helps students learn better, but recent studies show it might not be so good. In this article, I’ll explain why schools should stop giving homework, and talk about how it hurts students’ happiness and might not help them learn much.

For a long time, homework has been part of school. People thought it made students better at what they learned in class and made them more disciplined. But now, we realize that large amounts of homework can make students feel stressed, worried, and tired. Some homework isn’t even useful, sometimes it’s just extra work to do for no purpose. In fact, as it has been found by some researchers of the American Human Restoration Project, “an informative and guiding movement toward a progressive, human-centered education system,” the time spent on homework has a significant negative impact on student’s grades and standardized test scores.

Homework doesn’t always help students learn. Instead of understanding things better, most homework focuses on students remembering facts without really understanding them. Also, some students have a hard time doing homework because they don’t have what they need, like books or help from adults. Disposing of homework could make things fairer for everyone and let students focus on learning in the classroom.

I know how hard it is to deal with lots of homework. During my middle and high school period, I used to come back home from school and study for an average of 4 hours per day! This forced me to remain at home instead of participating in my extracurricular activities, hobbies, and entertainment. Having so much homework made me feel tired and stressed, and I didn’t enjoy it. I think schools should listen to students and stop giving them busy work to do at home, and prioritize doing that work in the classroom.

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Tristan is a senior and a passionate staff reporter for The International Changemaker. Tristan, who traveled from Italy to attend EF Academy Pasadena, is excited to write about events that take place at EF Academy to better inform the whole community.

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