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Lavender & Honey Business at Washington Boulevard. Friday 3 November 2023. Photograph by Gaspar Cosmen Suarez.

Lavender & Honey is a small cafe located on Washington Boulevard in Pasadena, just two blocks from EF Academy. The location opened around 2012, and it has been a local favorite for over a decade. Their intention remains exactly the same as the day they opened, to “provide customers with a unique, boutique coffee experience, to ensure that each cup of coffee served is as perfect as it can possibly be, and to remember that a commitment to community is why we are here.

The owner of the business, whom we did not have any chance to meet on our visit, opened this coffee shop engaged by his girlfriend who was a true coffee lover. Both of them worked hard to try and make their dream become true, after a lot of effort and focus they created “Lavender & Honey” one of the most famous businesses around Pasadena.

Now, after running a successful location for 10 years, they are preparing to open a new coffee shop situated in Redondo Beach.

As you step into Lavender & Honey, the contrast between the busy streets outside and the relaxing cafe is immediately felt. The tight space and closely arranged tables create an intimate setting, it immediately becomes clear their emphasis is on the coffee and those brief talks that accompany them. Big shelves, decorated with small jars and bags of pure coffee, not only contribute to the coziness but also showcases the variety of coffee blends available.

There is also a small merchandising store offering handcrafted goods, including t-shirts and boutique items, complementing the unique coffee experience and contributing to the local, handcrafted charm of the business.

The line, although lengthy, reflects the popularity of this local spot. With only one dedicated employee managing the coffee-making and order sorting simultaneously, the pace might be a little slow. Yet, this minor inconvenience is easily overlooked as the unique vibe of the place begins to surround you.

Notably, customers praise the café’s customer service but express their concerns about the relative pricing of food. Intriguingly, one customer, despite living nearby, maintains a preference for Starbucks due to familial associations and the speed they show while attending to customers.

Meanwhile, employees from Lavender & Honey report a positive work environment marked by friendship, effective communication, and high expectations, contributing to the overall success of Espresso Bar Lavender and Honey.

Given its close proximity to EF Academy, you will be sure to find students and faculty frequently sipping coffee or tea on the Patio or grabbing a to-go pastry on the way back to campus.

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Nikolai Molchanov, a 16-year-old senior born in Vladivostok, Russia, serves as a staff reporter for The International Changemaker. With a passion for writing and photography, Nikolai is ready to make EF Academy a better place.

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